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Fix Trac #4361: be more discerning when inferring types

Note [Avoid unecessary constraint simplification] in TcSimplify
parent a66541af
......@@ -198,12 +198,26 @@ simplifyInfer apply_mr tau_tvs wanted
, ptext (sLit "tau_tvs =") <+> ppr tau_tvs
; (simple_wanted, tc_binds)
<- simplifyAsMuchAsPossible SimplInfer zonked_wanted
-- Make a guess at the quantified type variables
-- Then split the constraints on the baisis of those tyvars
-- to avoid unnecessarily simplifying a class constraint
-- See Note [Avoid unecessary constraint simplification]
; gbl_tvs <- tcGetGlobalTyVars
; zonked_tau_tvs <- zonkTcTyVarsAndFV tau_tvs
; let proto_qtvs = zonked_tau_tvs `minusVarSet` gbl_tvs
(perhaps_bound, surely_free)
= partitionBag (quantifyMeWC proto_qtvs) zonked_wanted
; emitConstraints surely_free
-- Now simplify the possibly-bound constraints
; (simplified_perhaps_bound, tc_binds)
<- simplifyAsMuchAsPossible SimplInfer perhaps_bound
-- Sigh: must re-zonk because because simplifyAsMuchAsPossible
-- may have done some unification
; gbl_tvs <- tcGetGlobalTyVars
; zonked_tau_tvs <- zonkTcTyVarsAndFV tau_tvs
; zonked_simples <- mapBagM zonkWantedEvVar simple_wanted
; zonked_simples <- mapBagM zonkWantedEvVar simplified_perhaps_bound
; let qtvs = findQuantifiedTyVars apply_mr zonked_simples zonked_tau_tvs gbl_tvs
(bound, free) | apply_mr = (emptyBag, zonked_simples)
| otherwise = partitionBag (quantifyMe qtvs) zonked_simples
......@@ -337,8 +351,32 @@ quantifyMe qtvs wev
| otherwise = tyVarsOfPred pred `intersectsVarSet` qtvs
pred = wantedEvVarPred wev
quantifyMeWC :: TyVarSet -> WantedConstraint -> Bool
quantifyMeWC qtvs (WcImplic implic)
= anyBag (quantifyMeWC (qtvs `minusVarSet` ic_skols implic)) (ic_wanted implic)
quantifyMeWC qtvs (WcEvVar wev)
= quantifyMe qtvs wev
Note [Avoid unecessary constraint simplification]
When inferring the type of a let-binding, with simplifyInfer,
try to avoid unnecessariliy simplifying class constraints.
Doing so aids sharing, but it also helps with delicate
situations like
instance C t => C [t] where ..
f :: C [t] => ....
f x = let g y = ...(constraint C [t])...
in ...
When inferring a type for 'g', we don't want to apply the
instance decl, because then we can't satisfy (C t). So we
just notice that g isn't quantified over 't' and partition
the contraints before simplifying.
This only half-works, but then let-generalisation only half-works.
Note [Inheriting implicit parameters]
Consider this:
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