Commit d3fafbb0 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Tiny refactoring, plus comments; no change in behaviour

parent 31399bef
......@@ -404,9 +404,9 @@ Note [primOpOkForSpeculation]
let-bind a can_fail or has_side_effects primop. The RHS of a
let-binding (which can float in and out freely) satisfies
exprOkForSpeculation. And exprOkForSpeculation is false of
can_fail and no_side_effect.
can_fail and has_side_effects.
* So can_fail and no_side_effect primops will appear only as the
* So can_fail and has_side_effects primops will appear only as the
scrutinees of cases, and that's why the FloatIn pass is capable
of floating case bindings inwards.
......@@ -422,10 +422,14 @@ primOpCanFail :: PrimOp -> Bool
#include "primop-can-fail.hs-incl"
primOpOkForSpeculation :: PrimOp -> Bool
-- See Note [primOpOkForSpeculation and primOpOkForFloatOut]
-- See Note [primOpOkForSpeculation]
-- See comments with CoreUtils.exprOkForSpeculation
-- primOpOkForSpeculation => primOpOkForSideEffects
primOpOkForSpeculation op
= not (primOpHasSideEffects op || primOpOutOfLine op || primOpCanFail op)
= primOpOkForSideEffects op
&& not (primOpOutOfLine op || primOpCanFail op)
-- I think the "out of line" test is because out of line things can
-- be expensive (eg sine, consine), and so we may not want to speculate them
primOpOkForSideEffects :: PrimOp -> Bool
primOpOkForSideEffects op
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