Commit d407bd6a authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix the mode001 test on OS X

parent 20ed32af
......@@ -446,12 +446,19 @@ test200:
if $(TEST_HC) -c; then false else true; fi
.PHONY: mode001
# We use
# sed '2,$$d'
# rather than
# head -1
# as the latter gives
# ghc: <stdout>: hFlush: resource vanished (Broken pipe)
# on OS X
$(TEST_HC) --make --help | head -1
$(TEST_HC) --help --make | head -1
$(TEST_HC) --interactive --help | head -1
$(TEST_HC) --help --interactive | head -1
$(TEST_HC) --version --help | head -1
$(TEST_HC) --make --help | sed '2,$$d'
$(TEST_HC) --help --make | sed '2,$$d'
$(TEST_HC) --interactive --help | sed '2,$$d'
$(TEST_HC) --help --interactive | sed '2,$$d'
$(TEST_HC) --version --help | sed '2,$$d'
$(TEST_HC) --help --version | sed "s/, version.*//"
$(TEST_HC) --interactive --version | sed "s/, version.*//"
$(TEST_HC) --version --interactive | sed "s/, version.*//"
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