Commit d502cd03 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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FIX #2322: add exceptions for more functions in math.h

parent 79681909
......@@ -500,8 +500,16 @@ isMathFun (ForeignLabel fs _ _) = fs `elem` math_funs
(fsLit "cosf"), (fsLit "tanf"), (fsLit "sinhf"),
(fsLit "coshf"), (fsLit "tanhf"), (fsLit "asinf"),
(fsLit "acosf"), (fsLit "atanf"), (fsLit "logf"),
(fsLit "expf"), (fsLit "sqrtf")
(fsLit "expf"), (fsLit "sqrtf"), (fsLit "frexp"),
(fsLit "modf"), (fsLit "ilogb"), (fsLit "copysign"),
(fsLit "remainder"), (fsLit "nextafter"), (fsLit "logb"),
(fsLit "cbrt"), (fsLit "atanh"), (fsLit "asinh"),
(fsLit "acosh"), (fsLit "lgamma"),(fsLit "hypot"),
(fsLit "erfc"), (fsLit "erf"), (fsLit "trunc"),
(fsLit "round"), (fsLit "fmod"), (fsLit "floor"),
(fsLit "fabs"), (fsLit "ceil"), (fsLit "log10"),
(fsLit "ldexp"), (fsLit "atan2"), (fsLit "rint")
isMathFun _ = False
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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