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In simpleOptExpr, unfold compulsary unfoldings

such as that of coerce.
parent f4fb94f3
......@@ -966,6 +966,10 @@ simple_app subst (Lam b e) (a:as)
(subst', b') = subst_opt_bndr subst b
b2 = add_info subst' b b'
simple_app subst (Var v) as
| isCompulsoryUnfolding (idUnfolding v)
-- See Note [Unfold compulsory unfoldings in LHSs]
= simple_app subst (unfoldingTemplate (idUnfolding v)) as
simple_app subst e as
= foldl App (simple_opt_expr subst e) as
......@@ -1112,6 +1116,13 @@ we don't know what phase we're in. Here's an example
When inlining 'foo' in 'bar' we want the let-binding for 'inner'
to remain visible until Phase 1
Note [Unfold compulsory unfoldings in LHSs]
When the user writes `map coerce = coerce` as a rule, the rule will only ever
match if we replace coerce by its unfolding on the LHS, because that is the
core that the rule matching engine will find. So do that for everything that
has a compulsory unfolding. Also see Note [Desugaring coerce as cast]
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