Commit d78bbf92 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Build random with the stage2 compiler

parent 8350c217
......@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ DPH_PACKAGES := dph/dph-base dph/dph-prim-interface dph/dph-prim-seq \
# Packages that, if present, must be built by the stage2 compiler,
# because they use TH and/or annotations, or depend on other stage2
# packages:
STAGE2_PACKAGES := $(DPH_PACKAGES) haskell98 haskell2010
STAGE2_PACKAGES := $(DPH_PACKAGES) haskell98 haskell2010 random
# Packages that we shouldn't build if we don't have TH (e.g. because
# we're building a profiled compiler):
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