Commit da6ece6b authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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DEBUG removal

parent 318c22aa
......@@ -814,10 +814,8 @@ tcIfaceAlt _ _ (IfaceLitAlt lit, names, rhs)
-- work them out. True enough, but its not that easy!
tcIfaceAlt scrut (tycon, inst_tys) (IfaceDataAlt data_occ, arg_strs, rhs)
= do { con <- tcIfaceDataCon data_occ
#ifdef DEBUG
; when (not (con `elem` tyConDataCons tycon))
; when (debugIsOn && not (con `elem` tyConDataCons tycon))
(failIfM (ppr scrut $$ ppr con $$ ppr tycon $$ ppr (tyConDataCons tycon)))
; tcIfaceDataAlt con inst_tys arg_strs rhs }
tcIfaceAlt _ (tycon, inst_tys) (IfaceTupleAlt boxity, arg_occs, rhs)
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