Commit db96caf5 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar

[project @ 2002-05-17 09:03:13 by simonmar]

If we have a Happy version 1.13 or later, turn on the --old-ghc option
for now.
parent 5c821a7e
dnl $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.100 2002/05/05 17:03:54 panne Exp $
dnl $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.101 2002/05/17 09:03:13 simonmar Exp $
dnl Extra autoconf macros for the Glasgow fptools
......@@ -224,7 +224,19 @@ AC_SUBST(HappyVersion)
# 1.9 and later is required, assume that we can use the
# "-agc" options. NOTE: The Master of Happy-ness says:
# "Don't use -s! (yet)"
# Soon version 1.13 will be required. To give people a chance to
# switch over (and me a chance to actually release 1.13 :-) , we have
# a dummy copy of GlaExts in fptools/libraries/base.
# If 1.13 actually is installed, we turn on the --old-ghc option for
# the time being.
[HappyOpts="--old-ghc -ac"])
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