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Generate dependencies for .cmm files properly

parent ba00c33b
......@@ -484,9 +484,12 @@ endif
rts_WAYS_DASHED = $(subst $(space),,$(patsubst %,-%,$(strip $(rts_WAYS))))
rts_dist_depfile_base = rts/dist/build/.depend$(rts_WAYS_DASHED)
rts_dist_C_SRCS = $(rts_C_SRCS) $(rts_thr_EXTRA_C_SRCS)
rts_dist_S_SRCS = $(rts_S_SRCS)
rts_dist_C_FILES = $(rts_C_SRCS) $(rts_thr_EXTRA_C_SRCS) $(rts_S_SRCS)
rts_dist_C_SRCS = $(rts_C_SRCS) $(rts_thr_EXTRA_C_SRCS)
rts_dist_S_SRCS = $(rts_S_SRCS)
rts_dist_CMM_SRCS = $(rts_CMM_SRCS)
rts_dist_C_FILES = $(rts_dist_C_SRCS)
rts_dist_S_FILES = $(rts_dist_S_SRCS)
rts_dist_CMM_FILES = $(rts_dist_CMM_SRCS)
# Hack: we define every way-related option here, so that we get (hopefully)
# a superset of the dependencies. To do this properly, we should generate
......@@ -65,14 +65,14 @@ endif
# includes files.
$$($1_$2_depfile_c_asm) : $$(includes_H_CONFIG) $$(includes_H_PLATFORM)
$$($1_$2_depfile_c_asm) : $$($1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS) $$($1_$2_S_FILES) | $$$$(dir $$$$@)/.
$$($1_$2_depfile_c_asm) : $$($1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS) $$($1_$2_S_FILES) $$($1_$2_CMM_FILES) | $$$$(dir $$$$@)/.
$$(call removeFiles,$$@.tmp)
ifneq "$$(strip $$($1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS)$$($1_$2_S_FILES))" ""
ifneq "$$(strip $$($1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS) $$($1_$2_S_FILES)) $$($1_$2_CMM_FILES))" ""
# We ought to actually do this for each way in $$($1_$2_WAYS), but then
# it takes a long time to make the C deps for the RTS (30 seconds rather
# than 3), so instead we just pass the list of ways in and let addCFileDeps
# copy the deps for each way on the assumption that they are the same
$$(foreach f,$$($1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS) $$($1_$2_S_FILES), \
$$(foreach f,$$($1_$2_C_FILES_DEPS) $$($1_$2_S_FILES) $$($1_$2_CMM_FILES), \
$$(call addCFileDeps,$1,$2,$$($1_$2_depfile_c_asm),$$f,$$($1_$2_WAYS)))
$$(call removeFiles,$$@.bit)
......@@ -135,9 +135,15 @@ endef
# need to do the substitution case-insensitively on Windows. But
# the s///i modifier isn't portable, so we set CASE_INSENSITIVE_SED
# to "i" on Windows and "" on any other platform.
# We use this not only for .c files, but also for .S and .cmm files.
# As gcc doesn't know what a .cmm file is, it treats it as a linker
# input and ignores it. We therefore tell gcc that all files are C
# files with "-x c" so that it actually processes them all.
define addCFileDeps
$(CPP) $($1_$2_MKDEPENDC_OPTS) $($1_$2_$(firstword $($1_$2_WAYS))_ALL_CC_OPTS) $($(basename $4)_CC_OPTS) -MM $4 -MF $3.bit
$(CPP) $($1_$2_MKDEPENDC_OPTS) $($1_$2_$(firstword $($1_$2_WAYS))_ALL_CC_OPTS) $($(basename $4)_CC_OPTS) -MM -x c $4 -MF $3.bit
$(foreach w,$5,sed -e 's|\\|/|g' -e 's| /$$| \\|' -e "1s|\.o|\.$($w_osuf)|" -e "1s|^|$(dir $4)|" -e "1s|$1/|$1/$2/build/|" -e "1s|$2/build/$2/build|$2/build|g" -e "s|$(TOP)/||g$(CASE_INSENSITIVE_SED)" $3.bit >> $3.tmp &&) true
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
define c-sources # args: $1 = dir, $2 = distdir
$1_$2_C_FILES = $$(patsubst %,$1/%,$$($1_$2_C_SRCS))
$1_$2_S_FILES = $$(patsubst %,$1/%,$$($1_$2_S_SRCS))
$1_$2_C_FILES = $$(patsubst %,$1/%,$$($1_$2_C_SRCS))
$1_$2_S_FILES = $$(patsubst %,$1/%,$$($1_$2_S_SRCS))
$1_$2_CMM_FILES = $$(patsubst %,$1/%,$$($1_$2_CMM_SRCS))
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