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Add some explanation about overlapping instances

Trac #3734 suggested addding some extra guidance about 
incoherence and overlap; now done
parent 895eccb0
......@@ -4005,6 +4005,51 @@ of the instance declaration, thus:
(You need <link linkend="instance-rules"><option>-XFlexibleInstances</option></link> to do this.)
Warning: overlapping instances must be used with care. They
can give rise to incoherence (ie different instance choices are made
in different parts of the program) even without <option>-XIncoherentInstances</option>. Consider:
{-# LANGUAGE OverlappingInstances #-}
module Help where
class MyShow a where
myshow :: a -> String
instance MyShow a => MyShow [a] where
myshow xs = concatMap myshow xs
showHelp :: MyShow a => [a] -> String
showHelp xs = myshow xs
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances, OverlappingInstances #-}
module Main where
import Help
data T = MkT
instance MyShow T where
myshow x = "Used generic instance"
instance MyShow [T] where
myshow xs = "Used more specific instance"
main = do { print (myshow [MkT]); print (showHelp [MkT]) }
In function <literal>showHelp</literal> GHC sees no overlapping
instances, and so uses the <literal>MyShow [a]</literal> instance
without complaint. In the call to <literal>myshow</literal> in <literal>main</literal>,
GHC resolves the <literal>MyShow [T]</literal> constraint using the overlapping
instance declaration in module <literal>Main</literal>. As a result,
the program prints
"Used more specific instance"
"Used generic instance"
(An alternative possible behaviour, not currently implemented,
would be to reject module <literal>Help</literal>
on the grounds that a later instance declaration might overlap the local one.)
The willingness to be overlapped or incoherent is a property of
the <emphasis>instance declaration</emphasis> itself, controlled by the
presence or otherwise of the <option>-XOverlappingInstances</option>
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