Commit e4b74d50 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

dummy-ghc should depend on, to pick up the latest version number

This fixes build problems of the form
  ghc-cabal: Version mismatch between ghc and ghc-pkg
parent 436e13f5
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ $(eval $(call all-target,$(GHC_CABAL_DIR),$(GHC_CABAL_INPLACE)))
$(GHC_CABAL_DIR)_dist-dummy-ghc_MODULES = dummy-ghc
$(GHC_CABAL_DIR)_dist-dummy-ghc_PROG = dummy-ghc$(exeext)
$(GHC_CABAL_DIR)/dist-dummy-ghc/build/dummy-ghc.hs : $(GHC_CABAL_DIR)/ $(MKDIRHIER)
# depend on, so we pick up the new version number if it changes.
$(GHC_CABAL_DIR)/dist-dummy-ghc/build/dummy-ghc.hs : $(GHC_CABAL_DIR)/ $(MKDIRHIER) $(TOP)/mk/
$(MKDIRHIER) $(dir $@)
echo "import System.Environment; import System.Cmd; import System.Exit" >$@
echo "main = do args <- getArgs; if args == [\"--numeric-version\"] then putStrLn \"$(ProjectVersion)\" else do e <- rawSystem \"$(GHC_STAGE0)\" args; exitWith e" >>$@
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