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Bring Note in TcDeriv up to date

Comments only.

[ci skip]
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......@@ -712,6 +712,10 @@ deriveTyData tvs tc tc_args deriv_strat deriv_pred
-- do not mention any of the dropped type variables
-- newtype T a s = ... deriving( ST s )
-- newtype instance K a a = ... deriving( Monad )
-- It is vital that the implementation of allDistinctTyVars
-- expand any type synonyms.
-- See Note [Eta-reducing type synonyms]
; spec <- mkEqnHelp Nothing tkvs
cls final_cls_tys tc final_tc_args
......@@ -885,17 +889,8 @@ the eta-reduced type variables are mentioned elsewhere in the declaration. But
we need to be careful, because if we don't expand through the Const type
synonym, we will mistakenly believe that f is an eta-reduced type variable and
fail to derive Functor, even though the code above is correct (see Trac #11416,
where this was first noticed).
For this reason, we call exactTyCoVarsOfTypes on the eta-reduced types so that
we only consider the type variables that remain after expanding through type
-- Use exactTyCoVarsOfTypes, not tyCoVarsOfTypes, so that we
-- don't mistakenly grab a type variable mentioned in a type
-- synonym that drops it.
-- See Note [Eta-reducing type synonyms].
dropped_tvs = exactTyCoVarsOfTypes args_to_drop
where this was first noticed). For this reason, we expand the type synonyms in
the eta-reduced types before doing any analysis.
mkEqnHelp :: Maybe OverlapMode
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