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Comments only, about inl_inline and inl_act

parent f4aa9984
......@@ -1144,7 +1144,7 @@ data RuleMatchInfo = ConLike -- See Note [CONLIKE pragma]
data InlinePragma -- Note [InlinePragma]
= InlinePragma
{ inl_src :: SourceText -- Note [Pragma source text]
, inl_inline :: InlineSpec
, inl_inline :: InlineSpec -- See Note [inl_inline and inl_act]
, inl_sat :: Maybe Arity -- Just n <=> Inline only when applied to n
-- explicit (non-type, non-dictionary) args
......@@ -1154,6 +1154,7 @@ data InlinePragma -- Note [InlinePragma]
-- the Unfolding, and don't look at inl_sat further
, inl_act :: Activation -- Says during which phases inlining is allowed
-- See Note [inl_inline and inl_act]
, inl_rule :: RuleMatchInfo -- Should the function be treated like a constructor?
} deriving( Eq, Data )
......@@ -1168,9 +1169,8 @@ data InlineSpec -- What the user's INLINE pragma looked like
deriving( Eq, Data, Show )
-- Show needed for Lexer.x
Note [InlinePragma]
{- Note [InlinePragma]
This data type mirrors what you can write in an INLINE or NOINLINE pragma in
the source program.
......@@ -1186,6 +1186,23 @@ If inl_inline = Inline or Inlineable, then the Id should have an InlineRule unfo
If you want to know where InlinePragmas take effect: Look in DsBinds.makeCorePair
Note [inl_inline and inl_act]
* inl_inline says what the user wrote: did she say INLINE, NOINLINE,
INLINABLE, or nothing at all
* inl_act says in what phases the unfolding is active or inactive
E.g If you write INLINE[1] then inl_act will be set to ActiveAfter 1
If you write NOINLINE[1] then inl_act will be set to ActiveBefore 1
If you write NOINLINE[~1] then inl_act will be set to ActiveAfter 1
So note that inl_act does not say what pragma you wrote: it just
expresses its consequences
* inl_act just says when the unfolding is active; it doesn't say what
to inline. If you say INLINE f, then f's inl_act will be AlwaysActive,
but in addition f will get a "stable unfolding" with UnfoldingGuidance
that tells the inliner to be pretty eager about it.
Note [CONLIKE pragma]
The ConLike constructor of a RuleMatchInfo is aimed at the following.
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