Commit e576ba5d authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix GHCi on PowerPC OS X

David Kirkman and Peter Tanski noticed that a line had been removed during
a patch merge which meant that oc->image pointed to the wrong place and
ultimately caused an error from realloc.
parent 911b42b2
......@@ -1324,6 +1324,7 @@ loadObj( char *path )
// that the actual sections end up aligned again.
oc->misalignment = machoGetMisalignment(f);
oc->image = stgMallocBytes(oc->fileSize + oc->misalignment, "loadObj(image)");
oc->image += misalignment;
# else
oc->image = stgMallocBytes(oc->fileSize, "loadObj(image)");
# endif
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