Commit e5ca5c7f authored by dterei's avatar dterei

tweak llvm version warning message

parent 0753cf09
......@@ -68,11 +68,11 @@ llvmCodeGen dflags h us cmms
writeIORef (llvmVersion dflags) ver
when (ver < minSupportLlvmVersion) $
errorMsg dflags (text "You are using an old version of LLVM that"
<> text "isn't supported anymore!"
<> text " isn't supported anymore!"
$+$ text "We will try though...")
when (ver > maxSupportLlvmVersion) $
putMsg dflags (text "You are using a new version of LLVM that"
<> text "hasn't been tested yet!"
<> text " hasn't been tested yet!"
$+$ text "We will try though...")
return ver
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