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[project @ 2001-06-06 09:36:02 by simonmar]

Note in the documentation for :load that you can't load a package
module, and describe how we decide what the context is set to after a
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...@@ -719,11 +719,33 @@ Prelude> :def make (\_ -> return ":! ghc --make Main") ...@@ -719,11 +719,33 @@ Prelude> :def make (\_ -> return ":! ghc --make Main")
<term><literal>:load</literal> <replaceable>module</replaceable></term> <term><literal>:load</literal> <replaceable>module</replaceable></term>
<indexterm><primary><literal>:load</literal></primary></indexterm> <indexterm><primary><literal>:load</literal></primary></indexterm>
<listitem> <listitem>
<para>Recursively loads <replaceable>module</replaceable> <para>Recursively loads <replaceable>module</replaceable>,
(which may be a module name or filename), and all the and all the modules it depends on. Here,
modules it depends on. All previously loaded modules are <replaceable>module</replaceable> must be a module name or
forgotten. The module <replaceable>module</replaceable> is filename, but may not be the name of a module in a
known as the <firstterm>target</firstterm>.</para> package.</para>
<para>All previously loaded modules, except package modules,
are forgotten. The module <replaceable>module</replaceable>
is known as the <firstterm>target</firstterm>.</para>
<para>After a <literal>:load</literal> command, the current
context is set to:</para>
<para><replaceable>module</replaceable>, if it was loaded
successfully, or</para>
<para>the most recently successfully loaded module, if
any other modules were loaded as a result of the current
<literal>:load</literal>, or</para>
<para><literal>Prelude</literal> otherwise.</para>
</listitem> </listitem>
</varlistentry> </varlistentry>
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