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[project @ 2000-05-09 10:06:06 by sewardj]

Record details of the fptools/mk/ required to build Hugs.
parent ed446668
You need to have a fptools/mk/ which looks like this in
order to build Hugs which has a hope of working in combined mode.
WithGhcHc=ghc-4.06 # or whatever; version not v. important
GhcLibWays=u # essential
GhcHcOpts=-DDEBUG -fasm-x86 # -fasm-x86 is optional
GhcRtsHcOpts=-optc-DDEBUG -optc-D__HUGS__ -unreg -optc-g
GhcRtsCcOpts=-optc-DDEBUG -optc-g -optc-D__HUGS__
SplitObjs=NO # essential
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