Commit e796026b authored by Austin Seipp's avatar Austin Seipp

build: make haddock a bit less chatty

Haddock outputs well over a thousand lines of file output just to give
its executive summary about coverage. Kill this by default, since we
really don't need it in any setting.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>

Test Plan: Crossed my fingers.

Reviewers: nomeata, thomie

Reviewed By: thomie

Subscribers: bgamari, thomie

Differential Revision:
parent 091944e3
......@@ -1375,7 +1375,7 @@ validate_build_xhtml:
cd libraries/xhtml && ./Setup configure --with-ghc="$(BINDIST_PREFIX)/bin/ghc" $(BINDIST_HADDOCK_FLAG) $(BINDIST_LIBRARY_FLAGS) --global --builddir=dist-bindist --prefix="$(BINDIST_PREFIX)"
cd libraries/xhtml && ./Setup build --builddir=dist-bindist
ifeq "$(HADDOCK_DOCS)" "YES"
cd libraries/xhtml && ./Setup haddock --ghc-options=-optP-P --builddir=dist-bindist
cd libraries/xhtml && ./Setup haddock -v0 --ghc-options=-optP-P --builddir=dist-bindist
cd libraries/xhtml && ./Setup install --builddir=dist-bindist
cd libraries/xhtml && ./Setup clean --builddir=dist-bindist
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ ifeq "$$(HSCOLOUR_SRCS)" "YES"
"$$(ghc-cabal_INPLACE)" hscolour $1 $2
"$$(TOP)/$$(INPLACE_BIN)/haddock" \
--verbosity=0 \
--odir="$1/$2/doc/html/$$($1_PACKAGE)" \
--no-tmp-comp-dir \
--dump-interface=$$($$($1_PACKAGE)-$$($1_$2_VERSION)_HADDOCK_FILE) \
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