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Add -pa and -V to the documentation of time profiling options.

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......@@ -458,9 +458,10 @@ x = nfib 25
<option>-p</option> or <option>-P</option>:
<option>-p</option> or <option>-P</option> or <option>-pa</option>:
<indexterm><primary>time profile</primary></indexterm>
......@@ -472,9 +473,24 @@ x = nfib 25
<para>The <option>-P</option> option produces a more
detailed report containing the actual time and allocation
data as well. (Not used much.)</para>
<para>The <option>-pa</option> option produces the most detailed
report containing all cost centres in addition to the actual time
and allocation data.</para>
<para>Sets the interval that the RTS clock ticks at, which is
also the sampling interval of the time and allocation profile.
The default is 0.02&nbsp;second.</para>
......@@ -740,7 +756,8 @@ x = nfib 25
0.1&nbsp;second). Fractions are allowed: for example
<option>-i0.2</option> will get 5 samples per second.
This only affects heap profiling; time profiles are always
sampled on a 1/50 second frequency.</para>
sampled with the frequency of the RTS clock. See
<xref linkend="prof-time-options"/> for changing that.</para>
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