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Test #9204 in roles/should_fail/T9204

parent e4efb7b8
......@@ -7,3 +7,7 @@ include $(TOP)/mk/
'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c Roles12.hs-boot
-'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c Roles12.hs
'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c T9204.hs-boot
-'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c T9204.hs
module T9204 where
import {-# SOURCE #-} T9204
data D a
Type constructor ‘D’ has conflicting definitions in the module
and its hs-boot file
Main module: type role D phantom
data D a
Boot file: abstract D a
The roles do not match. Roles default to ‘representational’ in boot files
......@@ -7,4 +7,6 @@ test('Roles11', normal, compile_fail, [''])
extra_clean(['Roles12.o-boot', 'Roles12.hi-boot']),
run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s Roles12'])
test('T8773', normal, compile_fail, [''])
\ No newline at end of file
test('T8773', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('T9204', [ expect_broken(9204), extra_clean(['T9204.o-boot', 'T9204.hi-boot']) ],
run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s T9204'])
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