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Fix ghc-pkg reports cache out date (#10205)

See Note [writeAtomic leaky abstraction].

GHC on Linux already received a patch for this bug in
e0801a0f. On Windows several cabal tests
were hitting the bug, causing validate failures, but we never noticed
because of all the other tests that were failing on Windows. And it
didn't start happening till `getModificationTime` received sub-second
resolution support on Windows in

Since there are regression tests already, I am not adding another one.
But for good measure, here is a script that shows the bug without
needing to do a full validate run:

  GHC_PKG=ghc-pkg #utils/ghc-pkg/dist/build/tmp/ghc-pkg
  LOCAL_GHC_PKG="${GHC_PKG} --no-user-package-db --global-package-db=${DB}"
  while true; do
    rm -rf ${DB}
    ${LOCAL_GHC_PKG} init "${DB}"
    ${LOCAL_GHC_PKG} list

If you see "WARNING: cache is out of date" after a few seconds, the bug
is not fixed.

Reviewed By: austin

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #10205
parent 65d4b895
......@@ -1077,10 +1077,15 @@ updateDBCache verbosity db = do
if isPermissionError e
then die (filename ++ ": you don't have permission to modify this file")
else ioError e
#ifndef mingw32_HOST_OS
status <- getFileStatus filename
setFileTimes (location db) (accessTime status) (modificationTime status)
-- See Note [writeAtomic leaky abstraction]
-- Cross-platform "touch". This only works if filename is not empty, and not
-- open for writing already.
-- TODO. When the Win32 or directory packages have either a touchFile or a
-- setModificationTime function, use one of those.
withBinaryFile filename ReadWriteMode $ \handle -> do
c <- hGetChar handle
hSeek handle AbsoluteSeek 0
hPutChar handle c
type PackageCacheFormat = GhcPkg.InstalledPackageInfo
String -- installed package id
......@@ -2045,3 +2050,38 @@ removeFileSafe fn =
-- absolute path.
absolutePath :: FilePath -> IO FilePath
absolutePath path = return . normalise . (</> path) =<< getCurrentDirectory
{- Note [writeAtomic leaky abstraction]
GhcPkg.writePackageDb calls writeAtomic, which first writes to a temp file,
and then moves the tempfile to its final destination. This all happens in the
same directory (package.conf.d).
Moving a file doesn't change its modification time, but it *does* change the
modification time of the directory it is placed in. Since we compare the
modification time of the cache file to that of the directory it is in to
decide whether the cache is out-of-date, it will be instantly out-of-date
after creation, if the renaming takes longer than the smallest time difference
that the getModificationTime can measure.
The solution we opt for is a "touch" of the cache file right after it is
created. This resets the modification time of the cache file and the directory
to the current time.
Other possible solutions:
* backdate the modification time of the directory to the modification time
of the cachefile. This is what we used to do on posix platforms. An
observer of the directory would see the modification time of the directory
jump back in time. Not nice, although in practice probably not a problem.
Also note that a cross-platform implementation of setModificationTime is
currently not available.
* set the modification time of the cache file to the modification time of
the directory (instead of the curent time). This could also work,
given that we are the only ones writing to this directory. It would also
require a high-precision getModificationTime (lower precision times get
rounded down it seems), or the cache would still be out-of-date.
* change writeAtomic to create the tempfile outside of the target file's
* create the cachefile outside of the package.conf.d directory in the first
place. But there are tests and there might be tools that currently rely on
the package.conf.d/package.cache format.
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