Commit f0eb404e authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Remove dead code

This is a follow-up to
 d77501cd Improvements to demand analysis

I forgot to remove some now-dead code
parent d77501cd
......@@ -1183,20 +1183,6 @@ mk_absent_let dflags arg
-- See also Note [Unique Determinism] in Unique
unlifted_rhs = mkTyApps (Lit rubbishLit) [arg_ty]
mk_seq_case :: Id -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
mk_seq_case arg body = Case (Var arg) (sanitiseCaseBndr arg) (exprType body) [(DEFAULT, [], body)]
sanitiseCaseBndr :: Id -> Id
-- The argument we are scrutinising has the right type to be
-- a case binder, so it's convenient to re-use it for that purpose.
-- But we *must* throw away all its IdInfo. In particular, the argument
-- will have demand info on it, and that demand info may be incorrect for
-- the case binder. e.g. case ww_arg of ww_arg { I# x -> ... }
-- Quite likely ww_arg isn't used in '...'. The case may get discarded
-- if the case binder says "I'm demanded". This happened in a situation
-- like (x+y) `seq` ....
sanitiseCaseBndr id = id `setIdInfo` vanillaIdInfo
mk_ww_local :: Unique -> (Type, StrictnessMark) -> Id
-- The StrictnessMark comes form the data constructor and says
-- whether this field is strict
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