Commit f122291c authored by's avatar

Fix Trac #8455.

This was quite simple -- just use mkIntegerExpr instead of mkIntExpr.
parent e359a65d
......@@ -849,8 +849,8 @@ repTy (HsTyLit lit) = do
repTy ty = notHandled "Exotic form of type" (ppr ty)
repTyLit :: HsTyLit -> DsM (Core TH.TyLitQ)
repTyLit (HsNumTy i) = do dflags <- getDynFlags
rep2 numTyLitName [mkIntExpr dflags i]
repTyLit (HsNumTy i) = do iExpr <- mkIntegerExpr i
rep2 numTyLitName [iExpr]
repTyLit (HsStrTy s) = do { s' <- mkStringExprFS s
; rep2 strTyLitName [s']
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