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Unset $CFLAGS for "GNU non-executable stack" configure test; fixes #3889

With gcc 4.4 we get
    Error: can't resolve `.note.GNU-stack' {.note.GNU-stack section} - `.Ltext0' {.text section}
when running gcc with the -g flag. To work around this we unset
CFLAGS when running the test.
parent 5dce9c83
......@@ -823,6 +823,11 @@ AC_COMPILE_IFELSE(
dnl *** check for GNU non-executable stack note support (ELF only)
dnl (.section .note.GNU-stack,"",@progbits)
dnl This test doesn't work with "gcc -g" in gcc 4.4 (GHC trac #3889:
dnl Error: can't resolve `.note.GNU-stack' {.note.GNU-stack section} - `.Ltext0' {.text section}
dnl so we empty CFLAGS while running this test
AC_MSG_CHECKING(for GNU non-executable stack support)
[AC_LANG_PROGRAM([__asm__ (".section .note.GNU-stack,\"\",@progbits");], [0])],
......@@ -831,6 +836,7 @@ AC_COMPILE_IFELSE(
[Define to 1 if GNU non-executable stack notes are supported.])
dnl ** check for librt
AC_CHECK_LIB(rt, clock_gettime)
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