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......@@ -383,9 +383,9 @@ $ export GHC_PACKAGE_PATH=$HOME/.my-ghc-packages.conf:</screen>
<term><option>-package-name <replaceable>foo</replaceable></option></term>
<term><option>-package-name <replaceable>foo</replaceable></option>
<para>This option is added to the command line when
compiling a module that is destined to be part of package
......@@ -859,7 +859,7 @@ $ cat foo.hspp</screen>
machine. See <xref linkend="sec-using-smp" />.</para>
<para>The ability to make a foreign call that does not
block all other Haskell threads.</para>.
block all other Haskell threads.</para>
<para>The ability to invoke foreign exported Haskell
functions from multiple OS threads.</para>
......@@ -90,9 +90,9 @@
<para>Sets the interval that the RTS clock ticks at. The
runtime uses a single timer signal to count ticks; this timer
......@@ -203,7 +203,6 @@
does not work for library functions currently.</para>
<para>The following features are provided by the project system for
constructing Haskell projects:</para>
......@@ -249,6 +248,7 @@
documentation: the GHC manual, the hierarchical libraries reference, and
other material all of which can be browsed within Visual Studio
<title>Getting Started</title>
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