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users-guide: Write release notes for 8.4.2

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Release notes for version 8.4.2
This is a bug-fix release resolving several regressions introduced in 8.4.1.
The highlights, since the 8.4.1 release, are:
- Fixed a regression causing uses of ``Control.Exception.evaluate`` to be
incorrectly optimised, resulting in space leaks (:ghc-ticket:`13930`)
- Fix a regression causing the interpreter to segmentation fault when built with
profiling (:ghc-ticket:`14705`)
Full details
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In addition to the regressions listed above, this release fixes a bug affecting
GHC's debug output support (:ghc-flag:`-g`) which resulted in invalid code to be
generated for string literals (:ghc-ticket:`13868`)
- :ghc-ticket:`14918`, where ``Read`` instances for types with field names
containing ``#`` would fail to parse, has been fixed.
Runtime system
- A bug causing panics while running programs with :rts-flag:`-hr` was fixed
Template Haskell
No changes.
``ghc`` library
No changes.
``base`` library
- Version bumped to to account for the addition of
- Add the ``readFieldHash`` function to ``GHC.Read`` which behaves like
``readField``, but for a field that ends with a ``#`` symbol.
``integer-gmp`` library
- Version bumped to to account for the addition of ``powModSecInteger``.
- Define ``powModSecInteger``, a "secure" version of ``powModInteger`` using
the ``mpz_powm_sec`` function.
Build system
- ``configure`` now takes a ``--disable-dtrace`` flag, allowing workaround of
Included libraries
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