Commit f44bca5b authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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small optimisation: eliminate more register-to-register moves

parent b7cadd88
......@@ -510,13 +510,26 @@ raInsn block_live new_instrs (instr, r_dying, w_dying) = do
-- register does not already have an assignment, then we can
-- eliminate the instruction.
case isRegRegMove instr of
Just (src,dst)
| src `elem` r_dying,
isVirtualReg dst,
Just loc <- lookupUFM assig src,
not (dst `elemUFM` assig) -> do
setAssigR (addToUFM (delFromUFM assig src) dst loc)
return (new_instrs, [])
Just (src,dst) | src `elem` r_dying,
isVirtualReg dst,
not (dst `elemUFM` assig) -> do
case src of
RealReg i -> setAssigR (addToUFM assig dst (InReg i))
-- if src is a fixed reg, then we just map dest to this
-- reg in the assignment. src must be an allocatable reg,
-- otherwise it wouldn't be in r_dying.
_virt -> case lookupUFM assig src of
Nothing -> panic "raInsn"
Just loc ->
setAssigR (addToUFM (delFromUFM assig src) dst loc)
-- we have elimianted this instruction
freeregs <- getFreeRegsR
assig <- getAssigR
pprTrace "raInsn" (text "ELIMINATED: " <> docToSDoc (pprInstr instr) $$ ppr r_dying <+> ppr w_dying $$ text (show freeregs) $$ ppr assig) $ do
return (new_instrs, [])
other -> genRaInsn block_live new_instrs instr r_dying w_dying
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