Commit f6765041 authored by batterseapower's avatar batterseapower

Brief documentation about relaxed superclass cycle check

parent 2e72a85a
......@@ -3562,6 +3562,22 @@ Here, <literal>C</literal> is a superclass of <literal>D</literal>, but it's OK
class operation <literal>op</literal> of <literal>C</literal> to mention <literal>D</literal>. (It
would not be OK for <literal>D</literal> to be a superclass of <literal>C</literal>.)
With the extension that adds a <link linkend="constraint-kind">kind of constraints</link>,
you can write more exotic superclass definitions. The superclass cycle check is even more
liberal in these case. For example, this is OK:
class A cls c where
meth :: cls c => c -> c
class A B c => B c where
A superclass context for a class <literal>C</literal> is allowed if, after expanding
type synonyms to their right-hand-sides, and uses of classes (other than <literal>C</literal>)
to their superclasses, <literal>C</literal> does not occur syntactically in the context.
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