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Remove long rotted configure support for Windows DLLs

parent abb3c37c
......@@ -419,38 +419,6 @@ AC_ARG_WITH(ld,
# This uses GHC, so put it after the "GHC is required" check above:
dnl ** Enable the construction of Win32 DLLs?
dnl --------------------------------------------------------------
dnl [ The ability to build the RTS and libraries as separate DLLs used
dnl to be supported, but isn't currently (updates to the RTS, compiler
dnl and build system would be required to bring it back again.)
dnl Hence, exposing it as an option is false advertisement, so better
dnl disable it to avoid confusion (but leave it commented-out rather
dnl than removed in order to remind ourselves to bring back the
dnl feature at some stage.) ]
dnl AC_ARG_ENABLE(win32-dlls,
dnl [ --enable-win32-dlls
dnl If on a Win32 platform running mingw32/cygwin, enable the
dnl construction of DLLs containing ghc-compiled code.
dnl ],
dnl [
dnl case $HostOS_CPP in
dnl cygwin32) ;;
dnl mingw32) ;;
dnl *) echo "Unrecognised win32 platform: $HostPlatform"
dnl exit 1
dnl ;;
dnl esac
dnl EnableWin32DLLs=YES
dnl ],
dnl [EnableWin32DLLs=NO]
dnl )
dnl AC_SUBST(EnableWin32DLLs)
dnl if test x"$EnableWin32DLLs" = "xYES" ; then
dnl fi
dnl ** Mac OS X: explicit deployment target
dnl --------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -272,9 +272,6 @@ GhcThreaded = $(if $(findstring thr,$(GhcRTSWays)),YES,NO)
GhcLibHcOpts=-O2 -XGenerics
# Win32 only: Enable the RTS and libraries to be built as DLLs
# Strip local symbols from libraries? This can make the libraries smaller,
# but makes debugging somewhat more difficult. Doesn't work with all ld's.
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