Commit f9597b67 authored by's avatar

rts/Linker.c (machoGetMisalignment):

Use fseek(3) instead of rewind(3) to move the file position indicator back to the initial position. Otherwise we can't use this function in loadArchive().
parent 819909d2
......@@ -5328,21 +5328,24 @@ static int machoGetMisalignment( FILE * f )
struct mach_header header;
int misalignment;
fread(&header, sizeof(header), 1, f);
int n = fread(&header, sizeof(header), 1, f);
if (n != 1) {
barf("machoGetMisalignment: can't read the Mach-O header");
fseek(f, -sizeof(header), SEEK_CUR);
#if x86_64_HOST_ARCH || powerpc64_HOST_ARCH
if(header.magic != MH_MAGIC_64) {
errorBelch("Bad magic. Expected: %08x, got: %08x.\n",
MH_MAGIC_64, header->magic);
return 0;
barf("Bad magic. Expected: %08x, got: %08x.",
MH_MAGIC_64, header.magic);
if(header.magic != MH_MAGIC) {
errorBelch("Bad magic. Expected: %08x, got: %08x.\n",
MH_MAGIC, header->magic);
return 0;
barf("Bad magic. Expected: %08x, got: %08x.",
MH_MAGIC, header.magic);
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