Commit f9f0b087 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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fix race condition in yieldCapability() (#5552)

See comment for details.  I've tried quite hard, but haven't been able
to make a small test case that reproduces the bug.
parent f4d37f05
......@@ -653,7 +653,15 @@ yieldCapability (Capability** pCap, Task *task)
if (task->incall->tso == NULL) {
if (task->cap != cap) {
// see Note [migrated bound threads]
"task has been migrated to cap %d", task->cap->no);
if (task->incall->tso == NULL) {
ASSERT(cap->spare_workers != NULL);
// if we're not at the front of the queue, release it
// again. This is unlikely to happen.
......@@ -681,6 +689,23 @@ yieldCapability (Capability** pCap, Task *task)
// Note [migrated bound threads]
// There's a tricky case where:
// - cap A is running an unbound thread T1
// - there is a bound thread T2 at the head of the run queue on cap A
// - T1 makes a safe foreign call, the task bound to T2 is woken up on cap A
// - T1 returns quickly grabbing A again (T2 is still waking up on A)
// - T1 blocks, the scheduler migrates T2 to cap B
// - the task bound to T2 wakes up on cap B
// We take advantage of the following invariant:
// - A bound thread can only be migrated by the holder of the
// Capability on which the bound thread currently lives. So, if we
// hold Capabilty C, and task->cap == C, then task cannot be
// migrated under our feet.
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* prodCapability
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