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[project @ 2003-05-27 11:06:41 by simonpj]

Advise against SplitObjs for Win32
parent b301b6ec
......@@ -1721,6 +1721,9 @@ $ make install
includes <filename></filename> after
<para>For your convenience, there's a file called <filename></filename>
that can serve as a starting point for your <filename></filename>.</para>
<para>For example, <filename></filename> contains
the definition:</para>
......@@ -4472,6 +4475,17 @@ you'll have to do something more like:
<listitem><para> You almost certainly want to set
SplitObjs = NO
in your <filename></filename> configuration file (see <xref linkend="sec-build-config">).
This tells the build system not to split each library into a myriad of little object files, one
for each function. Doing so reduces binary sizes for statically-linked binaries, but on Windows
it dramatically increases the time taken to build the libraries in the first place.
<listitem><para> Do not attempt to build the documentation.
It needs all kinds of wierd Jade stuff that we haven't worked out for
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