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......@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@ rhsToBodyNF rhs = do { (floats,body) <- rhsToBody rhs
rhsToBody :: CpeRhs -> UniqSM (Floats, CpeBody)
-- Remove top level lambdas by let-bindinig
-- Remove top level lambdas by let-binding
rhsToBody (Note n expr)
-- You can get things like
......@@ -511,10 +511,10 @@ cpeApp env expr
= collect_args fun depth -- They aren't used by the code generator
-- N-variable fun, better let-bind it
-- ToDo: perhaps we can case-bind rather than let-bind this closure,
-- since it is sure to be evaluated.
collect_args fun depth
= do { (fun_floats, fun') <- cpeArg env True fun ty
-- The True says that it's sure to be evaluated,
-- so we'll end up case-binding it
; return (fun', (fun', depth), ty, fun_floats, []) }
ty = exprType fun
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