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Comments only [ci skip]

parent 8e053700
......@@ -1566,6 +1566,7 @@ instance Binary IfaceDecl where
putByte bh 0
putIfaceTopBndr bh name
lazyPut bh (ty, details, idinfo)
-- See Note [Lazy deserialization of IfaceId]
put_ bh (IfaceData a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 a8 a9) = do
putByte bh 2
......@@ -1656,6 +1657,7 @@ instance Binary IfaceDecl where
case h of
0 -> do name <- get bh
~(ty, details, idinfo) <- lazyGet bh
-- See Note [Lazy deserialization of IfaceId]
return (IfaceId name ty details idinfo)
1 -> error "Binary.get(TyClDecl): ForeignType"
2 -> do a1 <- getIfaceTopBndr bh
......@@ -1729,6 +1731,31 @@ instance Binary IfaceDecl where
ifBody = IfAbstractClass })
_ -> panic (unwords ["Unknown IfaceDecl tag:", show h])
{- Note [Lazy deserialization of IfaceId]
The use of lazyPut and lazyGet in the IfaceId Binary instance is
purely for performance reasons, to avoid deserializing details about
identifiers that will never be used. It's not involved in tying the
knot in the type checker. It saved ~1% of the total build time of GHC.
When we read an interface file, we extend the PTE, a mapping of Names
to TyThings, with the declarations we have read. The extension of the
PTE is strict in the Names, but not in the TyThings themselves.
LoadIface.loadDecl calculates the list of (Name, TyThing) bindings to
add to the PTE. For an IfaceId, there's just one binding to add; and
the ty, details, and idinfo fields of an IfaceId are used only in the
TyThing. So by reading those fields lazily we may be able to save the
work of ever having to deserialize them (into IfaceType, etc.).
For IfaceData and IfaceClass, loadDecl creates extra implicit bindings
(the constructors and field selectors of the data declaration, or the
methods of the class), whose Names depend on more than just the Name
of the type constructor or class itself. So deserializing them lazily
would be more involved. Similar comments apply to the other
constructors of IfaceDecl with the additional point that they probably
represent a small proportion of all declarations.
instance Binary IfaceFamTyConFlav where
put_ bh IfaceDataFamilyTyCon = putByte bh 0
put_ bh IfaceOpenSynFamilyTyCon = putByte bh 1
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