Commit fe389f50 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Make splitHsAppTys look through parentheses, fixing Trac #7903

This was really just an oversight from long ago.
parent a18ea4f2
......@@ -447,6 +447,7 @@ hsLTyVarLocNames qtvs = map hsLTyVarLocName (hsQTvBndrs qtvs)
splitHsAppTys :: LHsType n -> [LHsType n] -> (LHsType n, [LHsType n])
splitHsAppTys (L _ (HsAppTy f a)) as = splitHsAppTys f (a:as)
splitHsAppTys (L _ (HsParTy f)) as = splitHsAppTys f as
splitHsAppTys f as = (f,as)
mkHsAppTys :: OutputableBndr n => LHsType n -> [LHsType n] -> HsType n
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