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Fix a pair of classic, but tricky, bugs in the type matcher; exposed by a program from Roman

parent f42d93f8
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ match menv subst ty1 ty2 | Just ty1' <- tcView ty1 = match menv subst ty1' ty2
| Just ty2' <- tcView ty2 = match menv subst ty1 ty2'
match menv subst (TyVarTy tv1) ty2
| tv1 `elemVarSet` me_tmpls menv
| tv1' `elemVarSet` me_tmpls menv
= case lookupVarEnv subst tv1' of
Nothing -- No existing binding
| any (inRnEnvR rn_env) (varSetElems (tyVarsOfType ty2))
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ match menv subst (TyVarTy tv1) ty2
| not (typeKind ty2 `isSubKind` tyVarKind tv1)
-> Nothing -- Kind mis-match
| otherwise
-> Just (extendVarEnv subst tv1 ty2)
-> Just (extendVarEnv subst tv1' ty2)
Just ty1' -- There is an existing binding; check whether ty2 matches it
| tcEqTypeX (nukeRnEnvL rn_env) ty1' ty2
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