1. 29 Aug, 2001 5 commits
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      [project @ 2001-08-29 11:20:40 by simonmar] · 13350796
      simonmar authored
      - use SET_HDR rather than initialising header.info directly (fixes
        potential bugs with profiling).
      - add some masking to the Int32/Word32 cases to match the Int8-16 and
        Word8-16 cases (potential 64-bit bugs).
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      [project @ 2001-08-29 10:49:28 by simonmar] · 0c256695
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      Add genRange method to class RandomGen, as per the revised Haskell 98
      library report.
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      [project @ 2001-08-29 10:19:31 by simonmar] · b48fe608
      simonmar authored
      Make the Permissions type non-abstract as per the revised Haskell 98 report.
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      [project @ 2001-08-29 10:12:34 by simonmar] · adc02cf2
      simonmar authored
      update maximumBy and minimumBy in line with the revised Haskell 98 report
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      [project @ 2001-08-29 09:34:05 by simonmar] · ed69dbe9
      simonmar authored
      Changes to the Ix class from the revised Haskell 98 report:
        - Ord is no longer a superclass of Ix.
        - rangeSize is now a class member, as there are cases when
          it is useful to be able to override it.  As a result, GHC's
          performance-improving "unsafeRangeSize" function also has to be
          a class method just in case the programmer has overriden
          rangeSize.  Of course, unsafeRangeSize isn't visible when just
          importing Ix.
        - Added unsafeRangeSize bindings to all our standard Ix instances.
        - Improved the Ix instances for Int{8,16,32,64} and
          Word{8,16,32,64} by defining unsafeIndex instead of index, and
          providing a definition of unsafeRangeSize.
      I hope I haven't mucked anything up :) The array tests all pass
      successfully, except for arr016 which depended on Ord being a
      superclass of Ix.  I'll commit changes to this test shortly.
  2. 28 Aug, 2001 9 commits
  3. 27 Aug, 2001 5 commits
  4. 24 Aug, 2001 14 commits
  5. 23 Aug, 2001 7 commits
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 22:53:08 by gla] · e0075c8f
      gla authored
      Correct typos and minor errors.
      Reorganized most of the sections, and the interface subsection appears first in each section.
      Made a small change to Figure 1, the overall architecture of the storage manager.
      The description on the configuration of the nursery is now correct.
      Added a short section on the state of the heap allocator.
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 20:19:16 by qrczak] · 572ee73c
      qrczak authored
      Don't say that GHC doesn't do fixity resolution on the left hand side
      of a binding before deciding which symbol is the function symbol.
      This has been fixed.
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 18:23:46 by gla] · 068d72ee
      gla authored
      Rephrased a few paragraphs.
      Added a paragraph on the interface to retainerSet.
      Added 'To do' paragraphs, which may be useful for maintenance.
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 16:27:11 by simonpj] · 72126bb9
      simonpj authored
      Fix representation finding for recursive newtypes
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 15:34:49 by simonmar] · 7339849c
      simonmar authored
      Note that support for generics is currently broken.
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 15:06:59 by simonpj] · ae3231c4
      simonpj authored
      remove rnsource.hi-boot-5 (part of prev commit)
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      [project @ 2001-08-23 15:05:52 by simonpj] · f62fd70d
      simonpj authored
      More instance-gate fiddling.  This must be one of the most
      tiremsome bits of the entire compiler, and I appear to be
      incapable of modifying it without getting it wrong at least
      Still, this commit does tidy things up a bit.
      * The type renamers (rnHsType, etc) have moved from RnSource
        into a new module RnTypes.
      * This breaks a couple of loops, and lets us nuke RnSource.hi-boot.