1. 04 Nov, 2011 14 commits
  2. 02 Nov, 2011 20 commits
  3. 01 Nov, 2011 6 commits
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      Ignore stdcall c-call in native codegen on x86_64 · 521157f9
      dmp authored
      The stdcall calling convention is not supported on x86_64.
      When an ffi import requests stdcall, a warning is issued as
      desired by #3336. However, the native codegen was still
      generating code that expected the callee to cleanup the
      stack arguments when calling a c function that requests
      This patch changes the codegen to actually use the ccall
      calling convention as intended.
      Signed-off-by: dterei's avatarDavid Terei <davidterei@gmail.com>
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      Change stack alignment to 16+8 bytes in STG code · a9ce3611
      dmp authored
      This patch changes the STG code so that %rsp to be aligned
      to a 16-byte boundary + 8. This is the alignment required by
      the x86_64 ABI on entry to a function. Previously we kept
      %rsp aligned to a 16-byte boundary, but this was causing
      problems for the LLVM backend (see #4211).
      We now don't need to invoke llvm stack mangler on
      x86_64 targets. Since the stack is now 16+8 byte algined in
      STG land on x86_64, we don't need to mangle the stack
      manipulations with the llvm mangler.
      This patch only modifies the alignement for x86_64 backends.
      Signed-off-by: dterei's avatarDavid Terei <davidterei@gmail.com>
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      Big formatting clean of HscMain · f0ae3f31
      dterei authored
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      Change HscMain from lhs to hs. · 1a5d84b7
      dterei authored
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      Remove tab · e42cb74a
      dterei authored
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      Formmatting fixes to CmdLineParser · a4eb906e
      dterei authored