1. 18 Sep, 2008 7 commits
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      RichTokenStream support · 36104d7a
      Jedai authored
      This patch adds support for raw token streams, that contain more
      information than normal token streams (they contains comments at
      least). The "lexTokenStream" function brings this support to the
      Lexer module. In addition to that, functions have been added to
      the GHC module to make easier to recover of the token stream of 
      a module ("getTokenStream").
      Building on that, I added what could be called "rich token
      stream": token stream to which have been added the source string
      corresponding to each token, the function addSourceToToken takes
      a StringBuffer and a starting SrcLoc and a token stream and build
      this rich token stream. getRichTokenStream is a convenience
      function to get a module rich token stream. "showRichTokenStream"
      use the SrcLoc information in such a token stream to get a string
      similar to the original source (except unsignificant
      whitespaces). Thus "putStrLn . showRichTokenStream =<<
      getRichTokenStream s mod" should print a valid module source, the
      interesting part being to modify the token stream between the get
      and the show of course.
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      Be more forceful when cleaning in compiler/ and ghc/ · 894775f0
      Ian Lynagh authored
      Now that the Cabal file is generated by configure, it would be nice
      if clean worked even if the cabal file is missing. So now we just rm -rf
      the dist directory.
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      Generate ghc.cabal and ghc-bin.cabal with configure · 51d7126e
      Ian Lynagh authored
      This allows us to put the proper version number into them
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      Fix Trac #1470: improve handling of recursive instances (needed for SYB3) · 5045af31
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      This bug has been hanging around for a long time, as you'll see by its
      number. The fix implements a feature that is really needed by SYB3, to
      allow an instance to (rather indirectly) refer to itself.  The trickiness
      comes when solving the superclass constraints.
      The whoel issue is explained in Note [Recursive instances and superclases]
      in TcSimplify.
      In cracking this one I found I could remove the WantSCs argument to the
      ReduceMe flag, which is a worthwhile simplification.  Good!
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      Replace ASSERT with WARN, and explain why · 81c8d88a
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      The DPH library tripped an ASSERT.  The code is actually OK, but it's
      badly-optimised so I changed it to WARN.  The issue here is explained
      in ClosureInfo, Note [Unsafe coerce complications].
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      Type families: completed the new equality solver · e8917205
      chak@cse.unsw.edu.au. authored
      - Implements normalisation of class constraints containing synonym family
        applications or skolems refined by local equalities.
      - Clean up of TcSimplify.reduceContext by using the new equality solver.
      - Removed all the now unused code of the old algorithm.
      - This completes the implementation of the new algorithm, but it is largely
        untested => many regressions.
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