1. 24 Jul, 2003 13 commits
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      [project @ 2003-07-21 15:24:42 by simonmar] · 3092faa7
      simonmar authored
      Update the documentation for filenames and related options to reflect
      the new story.  Now we talk about hierarchical modules from the
      outset, and hopefully the whole description is somewhat clearer than
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      [project @ 2003-07-21 15:14:18 by ross] · 3a223cd2
      ross authored
      Check for unknown flags before (rather than after) checking -o and -ohi
      flags, avoiding confusing behaviour like
      % ghc -bad-option -c x.hs
      ghc-6.0: unrecognised flags: -bad-option
      % ghc -bad-option -c x.hs -ohi x.hi
      ghc-6.0: -ohi can only be used when compiling a single source file
      Usage: For basic information, try the `--help' option.
      % ghc -bad-option -c x.hs -o x.o
      ghc-6.0: can't apply -o to multiple source files
      Usage: For basic information, try the `--help' option.
      (looks better with scores of flags)
      please merge to STABLE
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      [project @ 2003-07-21 15:05:54 by simonmar] · 665b340a
      simonmar authored
      We use NULL in the headers (at least when -prof is on), so we better
      #include <stdlib.h>.  We normally get it via HsBase.h anyway, but we
      shouldn't rely on that.
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      [project @ 2003-07-21 14:50:32 by simonmar] · 0d3f3deb
      simonmar authored
      Document that changing directories unloads all modules.
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      [project @ 2003-07-21 14:33:19 by simonmar] · 95f1b72e
      simonmar authored
      :cd now causes all modules to be unloaded.
      This is the easy fix for a problem whereby changing directories will
      cause GHC to try to demand-load objects from the wrong place, because
      it is using relative pathnames.
      It's not obvious what the "right" thing to do is if the user changes
      directory with :cd and then does a :reload.  Perhaps the right thing
      to do is to make the search path "sticky", so that it stays relative
      to the original current directory.  This would probably require some
      re-engineering of GHC to only use absolute paths internally.
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      [project @ 2003-07-21 14:28:02 by simonmar] · a38fed41
      simonmar authored
      Comment out the warning about filenames not matching module names.