1. 26 Aug, 2011 4 commits
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      Clean up the handling of the import and :module commands in GHCi · 79d6745f
      Simon Marlow authored
      Previously we remembered the whole history of commands and replayed
      them on every :load/:reload, which lead to some non-linear performance
      characteristics (#5317).  The handling of the implicit Prelude import
      and the implicit imports of recently loaded modules was also
      complicated and wrong in various obscure ways.
      The Prelude import works just like the implicit Prelude import in a
      Haskell module: it can be overriden with an explicit Prelude
      I have added a new ":show imports" command to show which imports are
      currently in force.
      Prelude> :show imports
      import Prelude -- implicit
      Prelude> import Prelude ()
      Prelude> :show imports
      import Prelude ()
      Prelude> map
      <interactive>:0:1: Not in scope: `map'
      Full documentation in the User's Guide.
      There are various other little tweaks and improvements, such as when a
      module is imported with 'as', we now show the 'as' name in the prompt
      rather than the original name.
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      export HscEnv · 216091d6
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      Follow ghc-prim changes · 1b876144
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