1. 16 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Fix tests for `integer-simple` · d2eb344a
      Alec Theriault authored
      A bunch of tests for `integer-simple` were now broken for a foolish reason:
      unlike the `integer-gmp` case, there is no CorePrep optimization for turning
      small integers directly into applications of `S#`.
      Rather than port this optimization to `integer-simple` (which would involve
      moving a bunch of `integer-simple` names into `PrelNames`), I switched
      as many tests as possible to use `Int`.
      The printing of `Integer` is already tested in `print037`.
  2. 14 Sep, 2011 1 commit
    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Improved debugger output · a3661c63
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      It turns out that the new treatment of Integer literals
      means that the debugger can see an Integer value more often
      than before (it's a value not a thunk). That improves the
      debugger output; hence all these diffs.
  3. 20 Jul, 2011 1 commit
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