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      LLVM: Enable shared lib support on Linux x64 · 60873542
      dterei authored
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      Re-do the arity calculation mechanism again (fix Trac #3959) · 63595209
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      After rumination, yet again, on the subject of arity calculation,
      I have redone what an ArityType is (it's purely internal to the
      CoreArity module), and documented it better.  The result should
      fix #3959, and I hope the related #3961, #3983.
      There is lots of new documentation: in particular
       * Note [ArityType]  
         describes the new datatype for arity info
       * Note [State hack and bottoming functions] 
         says how bottoming functions are dealt with, particularly
         covering catch# and Trac #3959
      I also found I had to be careful not to eta-expand single-method
      class constructors; see Note [Newtype classes and eta expansion].
      I think this part could be done better, but it works ok.
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      Comments only · 02ec3766
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
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      Modify FloatOut to fix Trac #4237 · d49e8592
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      The problem was that a strict binding was getting floated
      out into a letrec. This only happened when profiling was
      on.  It exposed a fragility in the floating strategy.  This
      patch makes it more robust.  See
            Note [Avoiding unnecessary floating]
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      Fix egregious bug in SetLevels.notWorthFloating · ff094439
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      This bug just led to stupid code, which would
      later be optimised away, but better not to generate
      stupid code in the first place.
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      Delete GhcLibProfiled · 1caf694c
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      Simon M and I looked at this, and we think GhcLibProfiled is
      (a) not needed (b) confusing.
      Ian should review.
      Really, if GhcProfiled is on we should also 
      check that 'p' is in the GhcLibWays
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      Do not build DPH when GhcProfiled (fixes #4172) · c9020b2b
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      Reason: DPH uses Template Haskell and TH doesn't work 
      in a profiled compiler
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      Run finalizers *after* updating the stable pointer table (#4221) · afabd52e
      Simon Marlow authored
      Silly bug really, we were running the C finalizers while the StablePtr
      table was still in a partially-updated state during GC, but finalizers
      are allowed to call freeStablePtr() (via hs_free_fun_ptr(), for
      example), and chaos ensues.
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      Do the dependency-omitting for 'make 1' in a slightly different way · 7a50ff1e
      Simon Marlow authored
      I encountered a couple of things that broke after Ian's previous
      patch: one was my nightly build scripts that use 'make stage=2' at the
      top level, and the other is 'make fast' in libraries/base, which uses
      'stage=0' to avoid building any compilers.
      So my version of this patch is more direct: it just turns off the
      appropriate dependencies using a variable set by 'make 1', 'make 2',
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      Make -rtsopts more flexible · 32073806
      Ian Lynagh authored
      The default is a new "some" state, which allows only known-safe flags
      that we want on by default. Currently this is only "--info".