Commit 5b970d8e authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

testsuite: Add test for #14828

parent e08974e8
:t foldl
:print foldl
:t fmap
:print fmap
:t return
:print return
:t pure
:print pure
:m + Data.Monoid
:p mempty
:p mappend
:m + Data.List
:p foldl'
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -291,3 +291,4 @@ test('T15941', normal, ghci_script, ['T15941.script'])
test('T16030', normal, ghci_script, ['T16030.script'])
test('T11606', normal, ghci_script, ['T11606.script'])
test('T16089', normal, ghci_script, ['T16089.script'])
test('T14828', expect_broken(14828), ghci_script, ['T14828.script'])
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