Commit 5ed48d25 authored by Alec Theriault's avatar Alec Theriault Committed by Ben Gamari

Include type info for only some exprs in HIE files

This commit relinquishes some some type information in `.hie` files in
exchange for better performance. See #16233 for more on this.

Using `.hie` files to generate hyperlinked sources is a crucial milestone
towards Hi Haddock (the initiative to move Haddock to work over `.hi`
files and embed docstrings in those). Unfortunately, even after much
optimization on the Haddock side, the `.hie` based solution is still
considerably slower and more memory hungry than the existing implementation
- and the @.hie@ code is to blame.

This changes `.hie` file generation to track type information for only
a limited subset of expressions (specifically, those that might eventually
turn into hyperlinks in the Haddock's hyperlinker backend).
parent 6fa38663
......@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ import MonadUtils ( concatMapM, liftIO )
import Name ( Name, nameSrcSpan, setNameLoc )
import NameEnv ( NameEnv, emptyNameEnv, extendNameEnv, lookupNameEnv )
import SrcLoc
import TcHsSyn ( hsPatType )
import Type ( Type )
import TcHsSyn ( hsLitType, hsPatType )
import Type ( mkFunTys, Type )
import TysWiredIn ( mkListTy, mkSumTy )
import Var ( Id, Var, setVarName, varName, varType )
import HieTypes
......@@ -435,13 +436,67 @@ instance HasType (LPat GhcTc) where
instance HasType (LHsExpr GhcRn) where
getTypeNode (L spn e) = makeNode e spn
-- | This instance tries to construct 'HieAST' nodes which include the type of
-- the expression. It is not yet possible to do this efficiently for all
-- expression forms, so we skip filling in the type for those inputs.
-- 'HsApp', for example, doesn't have any type information available directly on
-- the node. Our next recourse would be to desugar it into a 'CoreExpr' then
-- query the type of that. Yet both the desugaring call and the type query both
-- involve recursive calls to the function and argument! This is particularly
-- problematic when you realize that the HIE traversal will eventually visit
-- those nodes too and ask for their types again.
-- Since the above is quite costly, we just skip cases where computing the
-- expression's type is going to be expensive.
-- See #16233
instance HasType (LHsExpr GhcTc) where
getTypeNode e@(L spn e') = lift $ do
hs_env <- Hsc $ \e w -> return (e,w)
(_,mbe) <- liftIO $ deSugarExpr hs_env e
case mbe of
Just te -> makeTypeNode e' spn (exprType te)
Nothing -> makeNode e' spn
getTypeNode e@(L spn e') = lift $
-- Some expression forms have their type immediately available
let tyOpt = case e' of
HsLit _ l -> Just (hsLitType l)
HsOverLit _ o -> Just (overLitType o)
HsLam _ (MG { mg_ext = groupTy }) -> Just (matchGroupType groupTy)
HsLamCase _ (MG { mg_ext = groupTy }) -> Just (matchGroupType groupTy)
HsCase _ _ (MG { mg_ext = groupTy }) -> Just (mg_res_ty groupTy)
ExplicitList ty _ _ -> Just (mkListTy ty)
ExplicitSum ty _ _ _ -> Just (mkSumTy ty)
HsDo ty _ _ -> Just ty
HsMultiIf ty _ -> Just ty
_ -> Nothing
case tyOpt of
_ | skipDesugaring e' -> fallback
| otherwise -> do
hs_env <- Hsc $ \e w -> return (e,w)
(_,mbe) <- liftIO $ deSugarExpr hs_env e
maybe fallback (makeTypeNode e' spn . exprType) mbe
fallback = makeNode e' spn
matchGroupType :: MatchGroupTc -> Type
matchGroupType (MatchGroupTc args res) = mkFunTys args res
-- | Skip desugaring of these expressions for performance reasons.
-- See impact on Haddock output (esp. missing type annotations or links)
-- before marking more things here as 'False'. See impact on Haddock
-- performance before marking more things as 'True'.
skipDesugaring :: HsExpr a -> Bool
skipDesugaring e = case e of
HsVar{} -> False
HsUnboundVar{} -> False
HsConLikeOut{} -> False
HsRecFld{} -> False
HsOverLabel{} -> False
HsIPVar{} -> False
HsWrap{} -> False
_ -> True
instance ( ToHie (Context (Located (IdP a)))
, ToHie (MatchGroup a (LHsExpr a))
......@@ -588,6 +588,11 @@ The GHC API exposes functions for reading and writing these files.
that are being written out. These include testing things properties such as
variables not occuring outside of their expected scopes.
The format in which GHC currently stores its typechecked AST, makes it costly
to collect the types for some expressions nodes. For the sake of performance,
GHC currently chooses to skip over these, so not all expression nodes should be
expected to have type information on them. See :ghc-ticket:`16233` for more.
.. _recomp:
The recompilation checker
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