Commit 626b63b2 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢 Committed by Marge Bot

testsuite: Mark print037 as broken when GHC is built with LLVM

As noted in #16205 this configuration reliably segfaults.
parent e0c0bde4
......@@ -468,6 +468,15 @@ def have_gdb( ):
def have_readelf( ):
return config.have_readelf
def integer_gmp( ):
return have_library("integer-gmp")
def integer_simple( ):
return have_library("integer-simple")
def llvm_build ( ):
return config.ghc_built_by_llvm
# ---
def high_memory_usage(name, opts):
......@@ -45,7 +45,10 @@ test('print033', normal, ghci_script, ['print033.script'])
test('print034', extra_files(['../GADT.hs', '../Test.hs']), ghci_script, ['print034.script'])
test('print035', extra_files(['../Unboxed.hs']), ghci_script, ['print035.script'])
test('print036', expect_broken(9046), ghci_script, ['print036.script'])
test('print037', normal, ghci_script, ['print037.script'])
test('print037', when(llvm_build() and integer_gmp()
, expect_broken_for(16205, ['ghci-ext']))
, ghci_script
, ['print037.script'])
test('break001', extra_files(['../Test2.hs']), ghci_script, ['break001.script'])
test('break002', extra_files(['../Test2.hs']), ghci_script, ['break002.script'])
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