Commit 6da9f4c8 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

gitlab-ci: Fix Windows cleanup command line

Why is it so hard to delete a directory's contents without deleting the
directory itself in Windows? This will forever remain a mystery.
parent f8605fa2
......@@ -407,5 +407,8 @@ cleanup-windows:
- set "BUILD_DIR=%BUILD_DIR:/=\%"
- echo "Cleaning %BUILD_DIR%"
- cd \GitLabRunner
- rmdir /S /Q %BUILD_DIR%/*
# This is way more complicated than it should be:
# See
- del %BUILD_DIR%\* /F /Q
- for /d %%p in (%BUILD_DIR%\*) do rd /Q /S "%%p"
- exit /b 0
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