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    Refactoring on IdInfo and system derived names · ec8a188a
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    Some modest refactoring, triggered in part by Trac #11051
    * Kill off PatSynId, ReflectionId in IdDetails
      They were barely used, and only for pretty-printing
    * Add helper function Id.mkExportedVanillaId, and use it
    * Polish up OccName.isDerivedOccName, as a predicate for
      definitions generated internally by GHC, which we
      might not want to show to the user.
    * Kill off unused OccName.mkDerivedTyConOcc
    * Shorten the derived OccNames for newtype and data
      instance axioms
    * A bit of related refactoring around newFamInstAxiomName
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