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Bump the version no.
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<sect1 id="release-4-07">
<title>Release notes for version 4.07 (May 2000)</title>
<sect1 id="release-4-08">
<title>Release notes for version 4.08 (July 2000)</title>
<title>User-visible compiler changes</title>
<Title>The Glasgow Haskell Compiler User's Guide, Version 4.07</Title>
<Title>The Glasgow Haskell Compiler User's Guide, Version 4.08</Title>
<Author><OtherName>The GHC Team</OtherName></Author>
<!ENTITY license SYSTEM "license.sgml">
<!ENTITY intro SYSTEM "intro.sgml" >
<!ENTITY relnotes SYSTEM "4-07-notes.sgml" >
<!ENTITY relnotes SYSTEM "4-08-notes.sgml" >
<!ENTITY installing SYSTEM "installing.sgml" >
<!ENTITY using SYSTEM "using.sgml" >
<!ENTITY runtime SYSTEM "runtime_control.sgml" >
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