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Some initial notes on DLLs.

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The DLL story
This file is intended to be a focal point for notes on how DLLs work. Please
add cross-references to source and other docs, especially when you don't
find something here that you need.
On Windows, DLLs are synonymous with packages (since 4.07; this change
simplified a rather horrible mess). Hence whenever a module is to be
compiled to go in a DLL, it must be compiled with -package-name dll-name.
Typically, failing to do this gives Windows error message boxes of the form
"The instruction at address <x> tried to read memory at address <x>".
Because references in DLLs must be fully resolved when the DLL is compiled
(except for references to other DLLs), it is not possible for DLLs to call
the main program. This means that the parts of the RTS and standard package
which call the main program cannot be compiled into the relevant DLLs, and
must instead be compiled as standalone object files and linked in to each
executable. This gives the following picture of dependencies within a program:
___________ ___________
| |------>| | GHC-land | Application-land
DLL-land | HSrts.dll | | HSstd.dll | |
|___________|<------|___________| |
| ^ |
_____v_____ _____|______ |
.o-land | | | | |
| Main.o | | PrelMain.o |-----------------------
|___________| |____________| | |
| | ______v______
| | | |
------------------------------------------>| Main.o |
| |_____________|
(The application's dependencies are not shown.)
Bits of the compiler that deal with DLLs
basicTypes/Module.lhs is the most important place, as it deals with which
modules identifiers are in.
basicTypes/name.lhs, other bits of basicTypes/, nativeGen/, codeGen/,
abcCSyn/, and even profiling/ have other references.
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